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$350.00 PER MONTH

I'm looking to share my space with another maker/artist. If you're looking for a quiet studio with access to ceramic equipment and plenty of space, this is it!


This is a membership for someone interested in honing their ceramics practice. Only serious makers should inquire. I'm willing to offer instruction to those still fresh to the ceramic's game, but ideally this membership is for someone who can operate on their own (if you are new and still eager to have consistent access to a private studio, I would request you take 1-2 classes with me before signing up for membership.)


Studio Features


-Skutt KM 822 

-Small table top slab roller


-Large slop sink

-Glaze table/equipment (glazes not provided)

-Plenty of shelving for storing work

-Shimpo RK Whisper (I use my wheel a fair bit, so I don't see this being something I could share often, but I do offer a small table top Shimpo for practice, since it doesn't get as much use.) I can be flexible with allowing access to my wheel occasionally, especially on days when I'm not in the studio.

-Access to light woodworking tools and worktables (Small Grizzly bandsaw, drills, clamps, etc.. )

-Freight elevator

-Small kitchenette for lunches and a coffee/tea station

-Amazing NYC view and quiet top floor vibes (studio is on the 6th floor of the building and doesn't get alot of foot traffic.)

-My sweet studio dog Luna who comes with me occasionally 

Studio Terms


-Membership fee: $350

-24 hour access

-Membership doesn't include personal instruction, clay, or glazes (I occasionally go to Ceramic Supply for these items, so I can always pick them up for you as well.)

-Freight elevator must be returned to the 1st floor always. It is an old building!

-This membership is only for those renting - happy to allow friends in for visits, but not long stays.

If you're interested in membership with my studio, contact me below!

Thanks for submitting!

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