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First try.

So, it's been a continuous dream of mine to host a blog. To have an organized platform for all my inspirations, wishes, and to-do lists that end up scattered on loose post-it notes. And, to alleviate the storm of thoughts that flutter around my brain on the daily. I've always considered writing to be very important for mental health. I used to enjoy the outlet it provided when I was in middle school, fantasizing about boys, and future careers, and apartments that I would someday live in and curate, all on my own.

I still maintain these fantasies, but on a different level, with a different perspective. My hope for this blog is to document not only these wishes and desires, but also my creative tendencies and processes. As of now, I am without a studio space, but that will all change quickly in the next few weeks, and hopefully not months.

Here's to clearing out the mental clutter and putting it all down on "paper."



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