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Chris Curreri

Late night. Going through Pinterest. I've just been down a rabbit hole and somehow ended up on a website for the Banff Clay Revival program at the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity. One of the members of the faculty teaching this program is Chris Curreri. I was curious. I want to know what kind of wotos on his site show many more compositions of two men kissing.. and I mean really kissing in a very sensual and passionate way. As for his ceramic work, I immediately thought of Louise Bourgeois. Phallic shaped, slumped forms, with domed tops, in a rich chocolate colored clay body. It's easy to imagine Curreri taking the forms, freshly thrown off the wheel, and pressing them back into themselves, so they take on the natural pose of folded clay.

A very satisfying technique, not an intuitive motion for me, but I appreciate his fluid approach.


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