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Pamela Sunday

It's been a hot minute since I posted the work of an inspiring artist and I'm glad to make a reentrance with this particular artist. I came across Pamela Sundays work through the site,, which features well curated selections of interior goods. Among the works listed as Art + Objects, I found a lovely stoneware bowl, hand carved with a low profile and softness in it's protruding lines and edges. Upon perusing her site, I realized this woman is meticulous. Her craftsmanship is noticeable, even through the screen of my computer. I would so love to touch those shining clusters of orbs, or feel the weight of her numerously spiked stars. And not to mention, she fell into this craft purely through chance after taking ceramic classes in NYC. It's humbling to see how those without former training in the craft can find a creative voice in the medium and really flourish. Maybe someday, I'll own a work of hers.


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