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Roger Coll

When I first saw an image of Roger Coll's sculpture on my Instagram feed, the first question that came to mind was "hollow or solid?" I haven't seen these forms in person, but it's easy to see that they must be immaculately smooth. These tubes, expanding and curving into space are intriguing. I wanted to know whether they were hollow or not, because then I could start to get an idea for how he went about making the pieces. But still, if they were solid, that would be an awful lot of clay to make those solid forms. They had to be hollow. They are, it seems. He hangs them by small metal hooks that get installed into a wall, and holes in the tubes (so clean, so simple) catch the pieces as they cling to the wall. Geometric alien forms. I love them.

I was also drawn to his glaze choices. They catch the eye with their vibrancy, and add to the minimalist aesthetic of an otherwise complex shape.


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