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Claude Conover

I dig this guys work ethic. Using any spare time after work, he was a self taught ceramicist, working with slab and coil techniques. What inspires me is his drive, his decision to take his craft seriously at the age of 55, leaving his steady career as a commercial designer. Born in Pittsburg, PA, died in Cleveland, OH in 1994. I haven't been able to find out the exact date of his death. I'm curious, as it's the year of my birth and I have a strong affinity for this man's ceramic style.

Diligent, persistent, consistent, a few words to describe Conover, though I'm only a stranger reading biographies about him. The soothing round shapes, so freeform and sketchy, yet precise with wall thickness, the rough marks adding a tactile quality. I especially love the graphics he makes, such as grids, and loose rectangles. It's a minimalist approach with a personal touch. Neutral, earthy tones too. The work has a human element to it, a universal style, something that everyone can feel connected to.

I was introduced to his work by a friend from Ohio and I'm truly glad to have him in my reservoir of inspiration.


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