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Jenny Holzer

It's the morning of my first full time job now living back at home. I'm going to be working with a family friend, learning plaster work. As apprehensive as I am about trying to balance work and my desire to have a self-sufficient ceramic studio, I know that this will be a great learning opportunity, both in life and skill.

Jenny Holzer. I picked her to start off my artist category, because sitting in front of me on the kitchen table is a New York magazine with an editorial on "Powerful Women Talk About Power." As a person who's always felt their political voice to be inadequate, I want to consider a woman who has had a profound impact on all facets of life, especially for my own gender. I remember using her work in an essay I had written during my college years at Pratt. I had compared her work to Barbara Kruger (let's hear it for her, SUPREME fans.) I'm drawn to Holzer's work, for her simple statements, suggestions, and directness. They demand attention, in a subtly aggressive way, using scale and illumination, placed in seemingly random places.


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